18 July 2016

BREXIT: Our View


We are writing as three of the candidates for Taunton Deane in the 2015 parliamentary election.

We regard the referendum result announced on 24th June as a historic one. Indeed, it has precipitated a political crisis.  Although we supported the campaign to remain we believe that that democratic result should be respected.  However, we also feel that those on both sides of the debate campaigned negatively.  The Leave campaign exacerbated concerns about immigration which have already led to an increase in tension. Many people locally undoubtedly face problems such as job insecurity, poorly resourced services, a shortage of affordable housing and declining life chances for themselves and their children.  These problems are, in our view, the result of government policies and ever-increasing inequality, and should not be blamed on immigration.  We are also concerned that environmental protection and action on climate change are likely to be reduced by leaving the EU.

In these circumstances we would urge your readers to join us for an informal picnic from 2.00pm onwards in Vivary Park on Sunday 24th July, one month on from the result of the referendum, to celebrate tolerance, diversity and unity. For further information please visit our events page

Clive Martin (Green Party candidate)

Mike Rigby (Independent candidate)

Neil Guild (Labour Party candidate)



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