Our team

We have a dedicated team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities. Officers are elected on an annual basis during our AGM. If you are interested in becoming an officer, please contact us to find out more.

TDGP Officers

Clive MartinLocal Contact, Convener, Nominating Officer - Clive Martin
I have lived in Bishops Lydeard for nearly 20 years. I have been an elected Green Party Parish Councillor in Bishops Lydeard for the last 5 years and have campaigned for a cycle path to Taunton and for a 20 mph speed limit in the centre of the village. I have been involved in many areas of village life: the school (where I was chair of governors for 6 years), the parish council, the football club, Bagborough Cricket Club, the amateur dramatic society.  I believe I can effectively represent the views and concerns of all of our community. Contact Clive
Caroline FreedmanTreasurer - Caroline Freedman
I’m a member of the Green Party because it’s the only party seriously addressing the needs of the environment, our planet, and our children’s future.  Climate change is a real threat. We need renewable energy; sustainable, local agriculture; and better flood defences. The Green Party seems the only party concerned about social justice, and the needs of the most vulnerable in society, those suffering most under the present government. We need free, public services, properly resourced, and an end to austerity. This should be funded by ensuring international corporations and those with the most do not evade paying fair taxes. Contact Caroline.


Alan DebenhamTrade Union Liaison Officer - Alan Debenaham

Well-known elections and community campaigner (anti-Poll Tax, anti-Cuts especially) 18 years Deane councillor, 30 years parish councillor. Keen walker and cyclist. Against cuts in public services and welfare, reckoning that bankers and speculators who caused the financial crash should definitely pay for it through higher taxes and halting tax avoidance schemes, plus restoring the economy via a million jobs in renewable energy and investing in public transport and infrastructure. Long-term campaigner for peace and disarmament – especially nuclear; for better democracy with elected lords and PR voting system; for environmental conservation and strong measures to combat climate change. Contact Alan.

John AinsworthAgent - John Ainsworth

I have been a Green Party member for about 20 years in London and since 2002 in Taunton Deane. As a Quaker, our testimonies to peace, equality and social justice inform my political views on how society needs to be transformed; examples include scrapping a replacement for Trident, a fair benefits system which does not denigrate people’s intrinsic worth, and an end to tax dodging. We need urgently to reduce our carbon emissions so need good inexpensive public transport, energy efficient homes and less waste. A healthier planet produces happier people! Contact John.

Andy PritchardMembership Secretary - Andrew Pritchard

Andy was born and bred in Somerset and has always loved the variety of landscapes the county hasto offer. He is married to Devon who is standing for the Greens in Ruishton & Creech. He is CEO of a local mental health charity, and sees on a daily basis the negative impact that austerity has on our community. He thinks we need to control house building and ensure adequate infrastructure. With two children at West Monkton Primary, looking to the future is a priority.  Voting for the Greens will create an equal and fair society for us all. Contact Andy.